Otter Garden Centres gift cards terms & conditions

You can buy Otter Garden Centres gift cards in any denomination (starting at £5), and have them dispatched to any UK postcode for a small charge, together with a card and gift message. If you buy a gift card yourself, you can also opt to receive an envelope so that you can send it on as a gift if you wish.

The recipient can then use our gift card to shop in Otter Garden Centres. Our gift cards remain valid for 24 months after the last transaction.

What if I don’t use the entire balance of my gift card?

If the total order value is less than the value of the gift card, any balance will remain on the card and can be applied to future purchases, provided that the card has not expired.

If you wish to use your remaining card credit at a later date, keep hold of your gift card as you will be required to re-enter the details.

Where can I use an Otter Garden Centre Gift card?

You can redeem the Otter Garden Centres gift card as part or full payment for goods purchased through Otter Garden Centres.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept a gift card which we deem to be tampered with, duplicated or which otherwise is suspected to be affected by fraud.

I’ve lost my gift card

Please protect your card and treat it as cash; we cannot replace lost, stolen or damaged cards.

Will my gift card expire?

Once your gift card has issued, you have 2 years to use up the balance. After expiry, we will not refund any balance remaining.

Can I exchange my gift card for cash?

This card cannot be exchanged for cash, and we don’t give change or cash refunds on gift card transactions.

Returning items bought in a shop

For items bought in store with a gift card or voucher, return the item to one of our shops and you’ll be given a credit note to the correct value.