Keep it green indoors

House plants are wonderful for the atmosphere of any home, both for health and decoration.

House plants are ideal for brightening up a room, providing bursts of colour and creating visual interest. We’ve moved a long way from the days of the ubiquitous cheese plant with an amazing variety of species now available.

In addition, there is evidence that house plants are beneficial for respiratory problems and allergies and can actually help to achieve a healthier indoor climate at home or in the workplace.

We have put time and effort into creating an inspiring selection of house plants, with some traditional favourites (including the cheese plant) and many new and unusual varieties that will create a great talking point. Some are easy to keep, low-maintenance plants, whilst others require a higher level of gardening expertise.

We have an extensive range including orchids, flowering plants, foliage plants, citrus plants, Bromeliads, Cacti, air plants, large mature houseplants, conservatory plants. We stock many unusual plants – from Tropical to Mediterranean species.

Our expertise with house plants is renowned and we are proud to offer you healthy plants that will give you years of pleasure. Our helpful team of experts will help you pick out exactly the right plant, whether this is for you or for a gift for a friend. They will be able to give you good advice about caring for the plant.

We also stock many useful accessories including special composts, feeds and a wide choice of decorative pots.