Sustainable, bio-degradable pots,
made from peat-free compost!

We are excited and proud to be the first in the UK to use these pots from BiOPlasmar.

Unlike traditional plastic pots, which are discarded after a single use and contribute to environmental harm, Bioplasmar pots decompose naturally after planting.

This decomposition process enriches the soil and promotes faster growth of the plants. By offering a sustainable alternative to plastic products, we not only contribute to environmental protection but also foster crop yields, improve soil quality and contribute to soil biodiversity.

This small change to our plant pots means we can all contribute to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability in the gardening and horticultural industries.

Place the plant and pot straight into your garden, no need to remove the pot, it has added benefits for your plant.

directly into the soil

The pot with the young plant you buy from Otter Garden Centres can be placed directly in the soil in your garden. There is no need to remove the pot.

of your pot

This will begin when the pot is planted in the soil.

from the pot

The plant is nourished by the decomposition of the pot into compost.

of the pot

The pot decomposes completely and promotes plant growth.

As the pots are made from green waste, they fit perfectly in the circular economy model which aims to turn waste into a resource which is reintroduced into the production cycle rather than disposed of.

The key benefits of the new pots include:

  • Completely biodegradable pots with no waste
  • Conserving resources
  • Enriching the soil
  • Decrease the use of plastics

Look out for our range of plants currently being planted in the BiOPlasmar Pots across our garden centres and ask our teams for more details.