Town centre lights up with Otter-grown tree

Christmas has come to Ottery St Mary and we are delighted to have been asked to donate a beautiful, home grown Christmas tree again this year.

Our team from Otter, Ottery St Mary delivered and set up the tree in its traditional spot, outside the library in Silver Street. We were extremely grateful to Ottery resident Richard Coley who always makes sure a tree goes up every year for his help in decorating the tree, and we appreciate his time to help add

the baubles and twinkling fairy lights. Our Branch Manager John Giblin was there to make sure that everything went to plan and the tree looked the best it has ever looked to bring added festive cheer to the town.

The tree is a beautiful 10 year old Nordman Fir, a variety with a low needle drop so we know it will look its best throughout the festive season. It’s from our own range of Christmas trees grown less than two miles from the town, so very much locally sourced!

For each Christmas tree we cut down we plant two new ones, meeting our sustainable aims. Our Christmas tree growing area also provides shelter and food for wildlife, including bees from beehives kept there which use the pollen to feed their larvae.

After the season, the tree will be recycled through the local council’s recycling scheme.