Add visual appeal to your garden

The use of shrubs, trees and hedging of different colours, heights and composition helps to provide structure for your garden.

Choosing a plant with evergreen foliage gives year-round interest. Some varieties also offer a choice of colourful berries, attractive cones or beautiful flowers at certain times of the year. By contrast, deciduous foliage can offer fascinating appeal during the winter months through the shape of the bare branches, as well as cover and charm in the summer.

With their gorgeous blossoms in the spring, followed by tasty fruit later in the year, fruit trees offer the winning combination of beauty and practicality. Fruit trees in a garden provide hours of family fun, too, with children enjoying gathering the harvest and eating the freshest of healthy fruit.

We offer one of the widest collections of home grown shrubs, hedging and trees. You have the option of buying younger plants, established plants or even specimen varieties for instant impact. We grow all our plants with great care, making sure that the ones you take home with you are healthy, with a long life ahead.

Whichever shrub, tree or hedging plant varieties you decide upon, by adding them to your garden you will also be protecting the soil, supporting and sheltering all kinds of wildlife and, of course, creating a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy.