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Seasonal lawncare – keep your lawn looking great through the year

October 9, 2018 Otter Blog No Comments

Tips on keeping your lawn ‘tip top’ – seasonal lawncare

If your lawn looks good, the entire garden looks good! A lawn is a focal point which set off the beds and borders. However, making sure your lawn is in peak condition needs a fair amount of effort, and there are seasonal things you can do to help.

Growing season

From March to October, the growing season, you need to cut your lawn once a week to keep it neat and tidy. When you start cutting in the spring keep the mower blades as high as possible as you want to trim not scalp. The warmer weather is coming and growth will speed up – then you can lower the blades for the rest of the summer.

To keep your lawn healthy and growing well, apply a four in one fertilizer in spring. This includes:

  • fertilizer to feed for the summer
  • moss killer to get rid of winter moss (which grows when the grass stays wet)
  • weed killer to get rid of the unwanted weeds.

This gives your lawn a good start for the season. The mixture is easily applied with a spreader.

Autumn into winter

Autumn leaves can be a nuisance – if you leave the leaves to rot on the lawn they not only look messy but will also stop the light getting to your grass. This can result in brown patches, so remember to rake the leaves away and put them on your compost heap.

Curing September and October you can apply autumn lawn food. This contains a slow release fertilizer which gradually works into the root system so that the grass is stronger for next season. You won’t actually see the benefit of this action immediately, but you will notice a difference in the health of your lawn next spring.

Once the weather is cold and frosty the lawn will rest and you can stop mowing . If you can, don’t walk on the lawn if it is white with frost, as this damages the grass.

Enjoy the rest from mowing, and appreciate your lawn on sunny autumn days!

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