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A rose for any location

July 3, 2017 Otter Blog No Comments
Rose Precious Amber

Gardening tips: every garden needs a rose

No garden is complete without at least one rose and now is the time of year when most roses are in full bloom. If you haven’t planted any  yet, don’t panic. You can start now!

Top picks

Roses are among the most adaptable of all plants. Low-growing varieties will carpet the front of a border with beautiful blooms, elegant hybrid teas bring colour and scent to the middle of a bed or border, and, where space is tight, grow a climbing rose up your fence or wall, covering it with flowers.

To ensure your plants get off to a good start, dig some farmyard manure into the soil before planting. Also check that the graft union (raised bump) on the lower main stem is not buried under the soil. Water roses well for the first few months until they are fully established and they will provide a superb floral display each summer for years to come.

Front of border: ‘Flower Carpet’

  • Flowers will bloom all summer.

Pots on a patio: ‘Carefree Days’ ‘Blue for You’ ‘Rosy Boom’

  • Choose a large pot for your patio rose.

Mixed flowerbed: ‘Olivia Rose Austin’ ‘Charisma’ ‘Precious Amber’

  • These roses have a wonderful fragrance.

Walls, fences and screens: ‘Scent from Heaven’

  • Make the most of your vertical space by growing a climbing rose up a wall, fence or screen. Plant about 30cm (12in) away from the structure, fix trellis or horizontal wires to it, and then tie on the rose’s flexible stems to cover it evenly. Our favourite for 2017 is the Rose of the Year, ‘Scent from Heaven’.

Pergola: ‘Compassion’ ‘Laura Ford’

  • Create a romantic tunnel of flowers by covering a pergola with a climber or rambling rose. Fix wires to the uprights so that you can tie on the stems as they stretch up and over the pergola to form a flowering walkway.

Yellow rose