Accessorising your garden for impact

Having a variety of pots and ornaments will add extra interest to your garden throughout the year.

Easy to maintain and beautiful when planted up, pots add a splash of colour wherever you position them ‒ on the patio, as a feature at the front gate or even in the flowerbed. We always have a wonderful selection of pots available, from the traditional beauty of terracotta to contemporary zinc and colourful glazed pots. You can have fun changing the look of your garden by moving pots around or adding new ones through the year.

We also keep a superb collection of statues and garden ornaments, from small animals and birds to large figures and abstracts. These make for an ideal focal point in the garden and add interest to the borders or lawn. Of course you’ll find some gnomes in our selection, for who can resist having a little fella hiding somewhere in the garden?

Why not add a birdbirth to your garden and help look after wildlife? We stock various shapes and sizes of baths, and encourage customers to make sure our feathered friends have access to water in the garden, especially in the hot summer months, or freezing conditions in the winter.

We personally select our range of pots & ornaments from all around the world. The collection includes a huge choice of ethically made pots as we are committed to caring for the environment and treating fairly the people that make the pots.

Whether you are looking for a classical Italian marble ornament, a frostproof terracotta pot or a piece of modern garden artwork, we are sure to have just what you are looking for to make a statement in your garden.