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Planning Ahead With Spring Bulbs

September 11, 2018 Otter Blog No Comments
Spring bulbs daffodils

Now is the time to think about Spring bulbs

September is a wonderful time of the year for the gardener. The end of one season is upon us, but we are busy tidying up the garden and already preparing for next year’s blooms. And of course, it’s time to plant your spring bulbs now.

When you visit any of our five garden centres in September you will see our large displays of new season bulbs in place. There’s a huge range to choose from and you’ll find some great offers including 3 packs of bulbs for £10. Available bulbs include narcissi, allium, tulips, hyacinths and fritillaria.

One of the latest trends is to create colour themes with your bulbs. Whether you prefer whites, purples, yellows or pinks, we have a superb choice of bulbs to ensure you can create your perfect spring picture.

Spring bulbs hyacinths

If you are keen to introduce more daffodils into your garden, we stock everything from scented, naturalising and dwarf daffodils, as well as the classic favourites. We have some great offers on bulk nets.

Spring bulbs Muscari

Remember to plant crocus, daffodils, hyacinths and muscari from anytime now, but leave tulips until later. November is a better month to plant tulips, to reduce problems with tulip fire.

It may seem a long way off but Spring is the time of year when spirits lift after the dark winter days. So put in the effort, plant your bulbs now and you’ll reap the rewards next year.

If you are looking for more immediate colour, cyclamens are a lovely plant that will flower through autumn and winter. Here at Otter we have grown many thousands of miniature cyclamens, which are hardy down to minus 5 degrees. With lovely colours to brighten your planters and baskets, just remember to dead head frequently to ensure they keep flowering.

Spring bulbs mini cyclamen

September gardening and wildlife tips

  • Leave the heads on mophead or lacecap Hydrangeas over winter as these will protect the new buds
  • September is the ideal time for dividing herbaceous perennials
  • Help hedgehogs prepare for hibernation by feeding with a hedgehog suitable food
  • If any apples have fallen to the ground you might like to leave some as food for garden birds