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June Gardening Tips

June 2, 2018 Otter Blog No Comments

The risk of cold winds and frosts is over, and we have had some glorious weather, in between dodging thunderstorms! Who could believe that we would have not one but TWO sunny bank holidays in the South West this year? And now summer has begun. So what do you need to be thinking about doing in your garden during June? Here are just a few of our June gardening tips.


You can now safely plant out tender plants like cucumbers, courgettes and melons, and start your salad garden. It’s a good idea with salad plants is to sow every two weeks, for salad leaves throughout the summer.

If you are growing tomatoes, remember to take out the side shoots of your tomato plants to allow the leader to grow up strongly. Small bush varieties don’t’ need pinching out, as these fruit all over the bush.


Watering is the most important job in the garden now as young plants, especially bedding plants, must not dry out. If these are growing in pots remember to add some fertilizer when watering to keep them strong and healthy and prolong their flowering time.

Use fresh compost in containers when planting out your new plants as old compost will have lost the freshness and not give such good results. If you planted antirrhinum in your containers last year, move them to the new ones as they may well come back.

Remember to tie up the shoots of your sweet peas and pinch out the side shoots to encourage a long stem for each flower. As well as annuals, try the everlasting sweet peas. These come in deep pink or white, and they will give you flowers year after year. Nice to plant in with clematis or wisteria, to give colour once those have finished flowering.

Camellias have virtually finished flowering now, so pick off old flowers, if not too many, feed with an ericaceous feed to replace the energy into the plant.  Prune any untidy branches at this time of the year.


There’s still time to pull the fresh new rhubarb stems which are doubly delicious at this time of year.  It is only the first year that you have to leave them to give the rhubarb crown more energy so if you have planted this year, you’ll have to wait!

Check fruit trees for aphids to ensure the fruit is kept bug free, spray if necessary with an insecticide.

Grape vines grow very rapidly at this time of year and require energy to give a good crop. The best fertilizer to use is dried blood, which you will find instore in all our branches.

Pear blister mite can show up on the leaves of your pear trees at this time of the year. The red blotches look unsightly but do not in any way harm the fruit – so no action is necessary.

General advice

We always say at this time of year to give yourself time to relax and appreciate the longer evenings. So pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy your garden.