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Christmas Trees – Otter Garden Centres

November 14, 2017 News and Events No Comments
Artificial Christmas trees

Real or artificial Christmas trees – we’ve got the lot!

Some people love to have a real Christmas tree and wouldn’t dream of choosing an artificial tree. For others, artificial Christmas trees that last for years and never drop a needle are the ideal option.

Whichever you prefer, we have a huge range for you to choose from at our five branches in Devon, Lymington and Hampshire.

Real trees are expected in around November 22nd in all branches, please call to check.

Real Christmas trees

The trees we sell are grown at Drynie Woodlands in Scotland. They are the largest specialist producer of trees in the country and work hard every year to provide the very best trees that you can buy.

Growing Christmas TreesYou can choose the type and height of tree you prefer and our teams will net them for you to take home. Trees start at 4/5 ft and the largest are 7/8ft and they are priced according to size and type. This year varieties include:

  • Nordmann Fir
  • Norway Spruce
  • Fraser Fir
  • Others as available

Artificial trees

The trees in our range of artificial Christmas trees look very like the real thing – a far cry to the artificial tree of yesteryear!

Artificial trees prelitNowdays, even when you get up close you may be hard pushed to tell the difference. Modern technological advances mean the branches look extremely realistic. They’re referred to as ‘feel real’ and it’s almost impossible to tell them from the real thing.

As well as trees that are bare of decoration and ready for you to string with lights, we have pre-lit designs that use built-in low energy LEDs.

Sparkle with strings

LED lights have become really popular, but which will you choose for your tree?

  • Twinkle LEDs – great value and perfect to weave around your tree
  • Compact LEDs – more intense illumination, giving three times the sparkle
  • Cluster LEDs – even more densely packed ot give a full appearance with maximum coverage