Warmth and new ways of cooking for your outdoor entertaining

Extend long summer evenings entertaining family or friends or relaxing outside in your garden by adding a warming chimenea or firepit.

We stock a handpicked selection of attractive and practical chimeneas that will look great in the garden or on your patio. Our range includes different designs and sizes, with models made from terracotta or cast iron so you can choose what suits your personal style.

Firepits are another way of adding warmth to the summer evenings. They are a great fun and easy to use and we offer these in a range of sizes and varieties.

Even better, both firepits and chimeneas can also be used for cooking – a quirky alternative to the more traditional BBQ. Firepits in particular are used in the same way as  a BBQ, and you can cook over wood as well as charcoal, giving your food a different flavour. When you’re buying a firepit, check whether the model you’re looking at is suitable for cooking. The way you cook with a chimenea depends on the type you have – with some you can cook on a grill or solid steel sheet.

Whichever you choose, firepit, chimenea, or both, we’re sure to have something in our range to enable you find the ideal solution to your outdoor entertaining needs.