Passionate about Camellias

Camellias provide a glorious splash of colour in early spring when gardens have not yet fully woken up.

We grow over 50 different varieties in our nurseries, bringing them on from young plants in our polytunnels and making certain they are of the highest quality. Some of the specimens you see on sale have been nurtured for many years.

Our range includes Claire Hannah, a variety exclusive to Otter Garden Centres and propagated for over ten years by our skilled growers. This plant has tidy upright growth with dense, evergreen foliage and semi-double, long-lasting coral red flowers from March to May – a real showstopper.

Camellias produce masses of showy pink, red, white or yellow flowers from late autumn through to early summer. They like acid soil and are an ideal choice for growing in a pot as you can add ericaceous compost for the perfect growing conditions.

In March, we like to display all our beautiful Camellias in a setting that echoes their natural habitat, so our customers can see the advantages of complementary planting using spring bulbs, Vincas, Heathers and Magnolias which all contribute to making a stunning display.