Encourage wildlife into your garden and enjoy the natural world

Birds and other wildlife love a well-planted and varied garden, but there’s much more you can do to attract a variety of species into your garden.

We have a wonderful diversity of British birds and visitors to our shores, entertaining us with their wonderful birdsong and antics as they feed and bathe. Feeders, bird baths and bird boxes give them every reason to visit your garden. We offer a comprehensive range of birdcare products, from bird food and feeder stations to nesting boxes with hidden cameras that allow you to see the chicks hatch.

Other wildlife such as butterflies, bees, frogs and hedgehogs are all welcome visitors as they help by pollinating flowers and eating slugs as well as adding beauty to your garden. We sell homes specifically made for many of these creatures, and keep a large selection of feeding solutions to ensure they stay healthy and keep coming back to visit.

Otter Nurseries has been accredited with a Silver Award from the Devon Wildlife Trust and we continue to expand our nature department. Alongside products we stock free care leaflets to help you attract wildlife to your garden.

In our own growing nurseries we don’t use chemicals, but work instead with natural biological controls, meaning we are one of the most environmentally friendly garden centres in the South West.