Look out for your copy of our new magazine which is being delivered to homes close to our garden centres across the next two weeks

Welcome to the Otter Beautiful Gardens Summer Magazine

Information about our Summer Magazine

We are delighted to bring you our new Beautiful Gardens Summer Magazine. We know how many customers enjoy reading the Otter magazines and taking inspiration from them.

For this new Summer edition we’d like to make you aware that the magazine features some products which may not be available in our garden centres due to the impact of the pandemic.

The products featured in the magazine were selected before the pandemic affected the UK and the magazine went to print many months ago when it was impossible for us to foresee the impact that the pandemic would have on our wider community, our supply chain and our business as a whole.

Due to the unusual circumstances we are in, if you are interested in a specific product featured in the new Beautiful Gardens Summer Magazine, we recommend you phone our garden centres ahead of your journey to check availability. Please click here for Our Contact Details.

Some of the featured plants will not be available in our garden centres, including the Petunias and Calibrachoa bedding plants. This is due to the huge impact on nurseries during lockdown, resulting in extremely short supplies of some plants, or some plants simply unavailable because the nurseries did not grow them.

The good news is that we have been working hard to ensure we have many other different wonderful choices of summer bedding including osteospermums, begonias, fuchsias, and a large range of hardy summer flowering plants which will bring colour and joy to your garden year after year.

Stocks of the Roses and Hydrangeas featured in the magazine are limited, however we are pleased to let you know that we have many other lovely varieties of Roses and Hydrangeas available in our garden centres, so will be able to offer you a great range to choose from.

Some of the garden furniture items featured in the magazine may not be available, however we do have a good range of garden furniture in stock.  If you see an item in the magazine you like, we recommend to please call ahead and check availability before making a journey.  You can see the range of garden furniture we have available by visiting our garden centres, or browse our website by clicking here. 

This magazine includes Otter voucher offers. We will honour these voucher offers whilst stocks last. Should we run out of any of these products, we would greatly appreciate your understanding and patience with our team members.

Thank you for your continued support in these unprecedented times.

To view an online copy of our Summer magazine please click here

For any product enquiries from our Beautiful Gardens Summer Magazine please click here to contact our garden centres

How can I start receiving a copy of the Otter magazine, or how can I stop receiving the magazine?

Our magazine is distributed to a number of homes close to our garden centres through a Royal Mail door drop contract. With this type of contract unaddressed brochures or leaflets are delivered by the Royal Mail postman along with other post, to all postcodes in selected areas.

We are sorry, even if you have received copies of our magazine through your letter box in the past, we cannot guarantee you will receive a copy of our magazine each time they are distributed. You will be able to browse a copy on our website.

If you prefer not to receive our magazine you can opt out of receiving Royal Mail door drop brochures or leaflets by contacting Royal Mail on this link