Welcome to Otter Garden Centres Summer 2017 Magazine

This edition aims to help you relax and enjoy your summer garden, with some quick wins for extending summer colour.

Download your magazine here: Summer Magazine 2017

Our summer magazine includes helpful advice and inspiration:

  • Easy summer colours with petunias and salvias
  • Lighting for the garden – highlighting some great offers
  • Ideas for outdoor living in the summer; outdoor furniture, alfresco eating and just good old relaxation!
  • Chimeneas and firepits to extend your evenings outside
  • Late summer flowers

Our special offer vouchers include:

  • 2 for £5 compost
  • Free Begonia ‘Devil Pink’ plant – with any purchase
  • Half price solar spotlight (May)
  • Mystery plant (June)
  • Special offer on coffee and cake (June)

Offers are only valid for the set time indicated on the voucher, so please make sure you use them at the right time – check the date before you come.  Some vouchers are valid in September and October, so don’t forget to keep hold of them until later in the year.

Please note there are vouchers in our Spring magazine with offers that can be used in September and October. If you don’t have the magazine anymore, please click here to download them: Spring Magazine

Cover of Summer Magazine 2017